Why we love working at Delta Dental

Interested in what it's like to work for Delta Dental of Virginia? See what some of our employees have to say!

I have had the privilege of working for Delta Dental for 20 years. I have enjoyed my many years here working with a great, talented group of people who make up a team that works hard to service our community for better oral health. At Delta Dental I've had the opportunity to gain experience, knowledge and growth. Delta Dental encourages all employees to be the best they can be and gives the tools needed to grow and succeed. 

I am honored to work for this great company and look forward to many more years of service. 

—Susan Foutz, Claims Processor

I have never worked for a company that cared so much for both its employees and the community. Outside of the amazing work the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation does, community service is encouraged among team members and volunteer opportunities are promoted throughout the year for groups of employees to volunteer together.

Inside the company, team members are regularly promoted from within. A vast library of training resources are available, and the company offers tuition reimbursement and certification opportunities. Employees (and leadership) are encouraged to lift each other up and recognize a job well done, from publicized shout-outs to awards and prizes. Recognition is a huge thing here, and it makes a difference. From the moment I started, it struck me how many smiling faces I see day in and day out. And now over 2 years later, that’s still true.

The standard benefits are great, but it’s the non-standard benefits that make Delta Dental stand out in my opinion. An onsite nurse, blood drives, and health checks are available year round. On nice days, you’ll see any number of people doing laps around the parking lot. Employees can start interest groups, and we already have a group for Young Professionals, Women at Work, Toastmasters, and a group that keeps a community garden. Leadership regularly promotes a healthy work/life balance, and on top of PTO we get designated time for volunteer work.

I’m grateful that I get to work here. If company culture, work atmosphere, and community impact matter to you when it comes to a job, you’d be hard pressed to find a place better than Delta Dental.

—Hannah Bernath, Information Technology

As someone with that many years of experience in the corporate world, I knew what I was looking for in an employer when I came to Delta Dental. High on my priorities list was a stable, secure company that was making a difference in the community. I also needed to be somewhere that my contributions were valued and I was given the autonomy to do my job, but also support from my team and supervisor when I needed it.

I am thankful to say I’ve found all that and more at Delta Dental. I truly feel I am part of a team of professionals who provide valuable insight, as well as look to me for expertise and guidance. At Delta Dental, we support each other, and we support the people we serve through team member charitable campaigns and the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation. I am confident I made the right decision in joining the Delta Dental family.

I am thrilled to be part of this organization and to see where we go in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Delta Dental to anyone who is looking for their next career opportunity.

—Callie VanNatten, Senior Manager of Strategy & Communications

I came to Delta Dental after multiple years of simultaneously working three and four jobs, struggling to feel stable or secure, and questioning what direction my career was headed. After accepting a position with Delta Dental of Virginia, I immediately felt welcomed and that my coworkers wanted me to succeed. For the first time in my career, I felt that my efforts were seen and appreciated. Prior to working here, I never felt that my employer saw me as anything other than a number. Here, they genuinely care about me as a person.

There’s a strong feeling of community within the company. We reach out to one another for help and expertise, and by doing so, we all have the opportunity to learn new processes and grow our skills. The emphasis on working as a team to accomplish tasks is such a refreshing change.

One of the great things about this company is that they actually want us to learn and grow. I have never been at a company where they will offer to pay for seminars to help you excel in the workplace, offer tuition reimbursement, and are flexible with your work and class schedule. 

—Lauren Browning, Junior Accountant

Employees who are willing to go the extra mile – that is what makes us successful! It creates a bond among co-workers and then it spills over to our clients. Dr. Byron John, our founder, had such a giving, caring nature. This same spirit has continued throughout my 35 years at Delta Dental of Virginia.

—Betty Parker, Senior Client Specialist