Diversity equity inclusion (DEI)

Delta Dental's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As the nation's largest dental insurance provider, we at Delta Dental believe we have a responsibility to help create a more equitable society. Delta Dental of Virginia has been deeply involved in the communities we serve for more than 50 years, guided by a promise to improve the oral and overall health of all Virginians. As part of a nationwide promise, Delta Dental's network of 39 independent companies is committed to continually advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as addressing the needs of diverse communities through holistic efforts.

An inclusive workplace

At Delta Dental, we strive to foster an inclusive workplace environment — one where all our employees, customers and providers are treated with respect and their diversity celebrated. Everyone should be able to operate free from discrimination, prejudice or any other form of hate. We are committed to creating a trusting and inclusive culture that encourages dialogue and openness. Our goal is for every employee to thrive, feel like they belong and know they can bring their whole selves to work.

Strength in diversity

We value the unique experiences and identities that each employee in the Delta Dental system brings to our team. This diversity is one of our greatest assets. Delta Dental is committed to recruiting and developing talent from a diverse candidate pool and ensuring our company's workforce and leaders reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Learn more about working at Delta Dental of Virginia.

Our commitment to vendor and partner diversity

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion extends to everyone who helps make our work possible — including our vendors and partners. Delta Dental is committed to supporting a more equitable and accessible business environment by increasing opportunities for diverse vendors and partners.

Ensuring equitable access to oral health care through research, advocacy and community impact initiatives

Current racial and socioeconomic disparities in oral health outcomes are unacceptable, and we believe it is essential to use every tool at our disposal to understand and solve this challenge. We are committed to supporting research, advocacy and community impact initiatives that improve access to oral health care, especially in underserved communities, so that every person — no matter their background or identity — has access to quality, affordable health care. Learn more about how the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation works to create healthy smiles for all Virginians.

Our commitment to a more diverse oral health workforce

We believe it is critical that our country's oral health professionals reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. Delta Dental is committed to helping build a more inclusive pipeline of oral health provider partners through our community impact initiatives and business operations.

Our commitment to accountability

We commit to holding ourselves accountable to these standards and driving positive change. We will regularly assess these principles and our adherence to them. We will share regular updates with our board of directors and employees. We will create a culture of sharing and learning from our challenges and successes. And we will continually evolve and enhance our DEI initiatives to help create a more equitable society.