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Below are sample bills along with important client billing information. The Excel versions of your clients' bills allow them to pick an attribute and sort the data for that particular category. For example, they can see all subscribers within a particular department or in the same benefit plan.

Online Billing: If you use online billing, new bills will be available when you log into your account. Once your bills are available, you will have one opportunity to make changes, calculate adjustments and approve the new bill. Read-only copies of past bills will be available for up to one year. To learn more about online billing, check out our online billing guide or FAQ.

Eligibility Updates: To update eligibility, either use the online enrollment form or submit paper enrollment change forms. We do not accept eligibility changes with invoice payments.

Questions regarding your bills should be directed to our Billing and Eligibility Department at or by phone at 800.237.6060.

sample bill
sample bill detail
sample Excel bill