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Account Structure

Your clients' account structure will have three account numbers:

Top Account — Your clients' group number preceded by zeros to eleven digits. For example, a group number of 12345 becomes a Top Account group number of 00000012345.

Sub-Account — Your clients' Top Account number followed by a separate ten-digit number unique to a billing address. Each billing address increases 0000000000 by one; in this example, a second billing address would have Sub-Account number 00000012345-0000000002. All sub-locations become Sub-Accounts.

Sub-Sub Account — Your clients' Sub-Account number followed by a 10-digit series of zeros ending in the number of eligibility sources you use — electronic, manual or both. In this example, two eligibility sources would make your Sub-Sub Account number 00000012345-0000000001-0000000002.

If you are sending enrollment forms or if you are talking with any of our representatives, you may omit all zeros, for example: 12345-1-1.

Bills and reports will display information according to the above account structure with the attributes being tracked at the subscriber level.

  • Employment Status — identify a subscriber as Active, COBRA or Retiree.
  • Employee Type — identify a subscriber as hourly, salaried, full- or part-time.
  • Union Status — identify subscribers who belong to a union.
  • Department — identify subscribers by their unique department within your company. If you do not track departments, this field will be blank
  • Benefit Plan — identify a subscriber’s benefit choice (ex. High/Low, Standard/Premium).

Check out the video below or click the button to return back to the learning library. If you have questions regarding your clients' account structure, contact your account management team or call us at 800.237.6060.