Help Center: Foundation

I do not have dental insurance and need treatment. Can you refer me to a clinic where I can receive treatment?

The Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation does not make referrals and does not operate any dental clinics. The Foundation does support charitable dental clinics that provide treatment either free of charge or at a reduced rate. Find a dental safety net clinic

What are your grant criteria, and how can I apply for a grant?

View the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation grant guidelines for more information on our grant criteria and to apply.

Why was the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation created?

The Foundation’s mission is to create healthy smiles for all Virginians through education, program development and community partnerships.

What if my request is not related to oral health?

The Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation is solely focused on funding initiatives that improve oral health. While your request is certainly very important, we are unable to donate, as it does not fit our giving criteria.

Can I make a funding request outside of the grant cycle if the funds for the event or project are needed before then?

We do not accept requests outside of the grant application period.