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Individual Plan Commission

Delta Dental of Virginia recognizes that for some time now you have referred your clients to us for individual dental plans. You did this, not to earn a commission, but to take the best care of your clients. You know that Delta Dental of Virginia offers best-in-class individual dental insurance, and we thank you for getting the word out. But now we can do more than thank you.

Get appointed to start selling and earn commission on Delta Dental individual plans. Learn more about the benefits of selling our individual plans below.

individual plan commission

10% commission + 10% renewal commission

We want to keep this simple for us both. Earn 10% commission on every Delta Dental of Virginia individual dental plan you sell. If your customer renews, get another 10% commission. 

broker portal

Personalized broker portal

Use your own portal to pitch, close, report and track your individual sales. With our website, you can talk your customers through their choices remotely and close the sale over the phone, report sales you've made through other channels, and view your book of business. 
Get your personalized broker portal.

large prospect pool

Large and growing prospect pool

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey reports that only half of workers in our region have access to group dental benefits, and the ones who have them are aging out like never before. Retiring workers need continued dental coverage, and they want premium benefits — in numbers projected to grow by 30% in the next decade.

dedicated support

Dedicated support

You sell, we service. Your individual customers will have access to a one-stop 24/7, toll-free hotline at 844.335.8275 for questions. You will also have direct access to Delta Dental’s dedicated individual business project manager, Sam Austin, who will assist you with any questions. Email Sam at

individual dental plan resources

Individual plan resources

Click on the button below to access the resources you need to sell Delta Dental individual plans.