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Delta Dental of Virginia offers group dental and vision plans. Our dental plans have a variety of benefit levels to meet your employees' needs. Each of our plan options gives members access to one or both of the Delta Dental networks: Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier®. DeltaVision® plans are offered in partnership with VSP® Vision Care.

Small group dental plans

Small business plans

Are you looking for dental or vision coverage for 2-99 employees? With our small business plans, you can customize your plan by choosing from a wide variety of benefit options. 

Large group plans

Are you looking for coverage for more than 100 employees? Our large group plans can be tailored to fit your needs with a variety of benefit levels and service options.

Large group dental plans
Vision plans

Vision plans

DeltaVision® gives you exactly what you need in a vision plan — high quality, affordable benefits from partners you can trust: Delta Dental and VSP® Vision Care. You’ll also enjoy everyday savings and exclusive member extras you can’t get anywhere else. By adding DeltaVision to your benefit offerings, your employees get best-in-class dental and best-in-class vision in one complete package.

Retiree plans

Looking for a plan for retirees? The same high quality, affordable benefits that our group members have enjoyed over the years are available to individuals.

Individual retiree plans