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Small Business Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

Discover tailored dental and vision plans from Delta Dental, designed to meet your employees' unique needs. The largest dentist and vision provider networks* in Virginia, and nationwide, are paired with flexible benefit options and the award-winning customer support your business deserves. Request a free quote today and take the first step toward affordable coverage for your employees. 

*Delta Dental Plans Association, 2023

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Small business dental plans

Why choose Delta Dental?

Award-winning customer service

Trust our award-winning customer service team to support and understand your needs by giving your employees accurate answers, the first time.

Largest dental network

Access to the largest network of dentists in Virginia, and nationwide,* means your employees' dentist likely already participates with us. Learn about our networks.

Flexible, affordable benefits

Discover tailored group dental plans that fit your small business needs and budget, without compromising quality.

*Delta Dental Plans Association, 2023
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Why choose DeltaVision?


DeltaVision has plans to fit your employees' needs and budgets, all with low out-of-pocket costs.**

The largest network

DeltaVision has the largest network of independent eye doctors nationwide.**


We make it easy to administer. You'll have one bill and one account manager for both dental and vision.

**VSP Network data reporting and competitor per Network360, October 2023. DeltaVision is underwritten by Stryden, Inc., an affiliate of Delta Dental of Virginia. Claims processing, claims service and provider network administration for DeltaVision are provided under contract by VSP.
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