Smart Smiles In School

Our Smart Smiles® In School oral health teaching kit makes learning about oral health fun. Developed with input from teachers and school nurses, the kit provides a turnkey curriculum complete with teaching tools and audiovisual resources to educate students on how to form good oral health habits. The kits are available free of charge to all Virginia elementary schools.

The interactive curriculum is provided on a flash drive and in a three-ring binder format, separated into two grade levels (K-3 and 4-5). Each lesson includes the objectives, the Virginia Health Education Standards of Learning (SOLs) that are covered, a list of materials needed, class discussion points and suggested activities. Lessons address the importance of oral health to a child's overall health, the impact of nutrition on teeth and proper oral hygiene, and brushing and flossing techniques. 

How to Reserve a Kit

Any Virginia school nurse or teacher may request a kit, which we loan, free of charge. Delta Dental of Virginia will pay for the shipping charges to and from your school. You may keep the flash drive included in the kit for future lessons or quick and fun activities throughout the school year.

Grades K-3

  • Six lessons that can be taught as a unit or single lessons
  • "Land of Smiles" DVD
  • Classroom activities
  • A daily brushing and flossing chart
  • Take-home educational materials, including dental emergency first aid
  • Oversized set of teeth with floss and giant toothbrush

Grades 4-5

  • Five more advanced lessons that can be taught as a unit or single lessons
  • A daily brushing and flossing chart
  • Fun activity sheets, including a word search and crossword puzzle
  • A science experiment to demonstrate how cavities are formed
  • Reading food labels to make smart food choices

How are we doing?

Help us keep improving and updating this valuable teaching tool. If you've taught the Smart Smiles® In School program, please let us know how we're doing.

In the community

Through Smart Smiles® In the Community, the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation awards grants to organizations across the state in support of its goal to improve the oral health of all Virginians.

At the dentist

Through Smart Smiles® At the Dentist, the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation provides much-needed oral health care and education to children who lack dental insurance or who qualify for Medicaid or FAMIS.

Everyone deserves a healthy smile.

A healthy smile is a powerful thing. That's why the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation is committed to improving the oral health of all Virginians.